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Looking for “the best Toronto labour only movers?” You’ve found us! Experience stress-free, and professional Toronto labour only moving services with Great Toronto Movers. Backed by Best-In-Class insurance, and result guarantee!

Labour Only Movers
Expertise & Problem-Solving

A labour only move typically requires man-power, the right tools, and equipment—basically everything included with our standard bookings except the use of our trucks. As a Toronto moving company serving the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade: we have completed countless labour only projects: from staging apartments to be sold, unloading an incoming delivery, to redecorating certain sections of a home: we have the expert Toronto labour only movers, and the strategies to efficiently assist with your moving labour needs in an effective, and professional way.

This expertise means that we have the tools for all your labour only moving needs. Need us to send over a team to pack, and move your in-home library to the basement as you prepare for renovations? Not a problem. Need us to pack all your clothes into wardrobe boxes, and prepare them for transport? No problem. Need us to unload a full truck of household items into your new house or condo? We got this. With our labour only moving services we have systematic solutions to meet any, and all of your needs.

Great Toronto Movers labour only moving services. Two movers wrapping a cabinet.

Labour Only Movers
Efficiency & The Right Tools

Our labour only moving crews come equipped with all the necessary tools, and equipment needed for your project, and can directed at your discretion. As a full-service Toronto moving company your crew will pack, disassemble, unpack, and reassemble your furniture as needed. Oh, and don’t worry if you live a boutique building, and only have access to stairs—your crew will perform their labour needs in a professional, and efficient manner with the all the correct tools, and protective material ensuring all of your items are secured, and protected.

This service is standard when you hire Great Toronto Movers as your professional Toronto labour only movers. Our expertise combined with the right tools means that even if you’ve misplaced a screw to your dining room table, for example: we got you covered.

Toronto labour only movers by Great Toronto Movers. Two movers using the right professional tools to provide protection for a dresser.

Toronto Labour Only Movers
Professionalism & Peace of Mind

Labour only moving services or full-service moves: when you hire Great Toronto Movers you’re not paying for a service—you’re paying for a professional result. That result is a hassle-free, and stress-free move. Guaranteed.

While hiring professional, and reliable Toronto movers can be stressful, we take all possible measures to minimise that stress. We do this by relying on our professionalism, attention to detail, and distinct customer care. Over a decade of successfully moving Downtown Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area gives us the confidence to be this confident about our labour only moving services.

Labour only moving by Great Toronto Movers. Two professional movers expertly carrying a cabinet up the stairs.

Labour Only Movers
Honesty & Transparency

Our labour only moves will cost you less than our full-service moves which would otherwise require the use of our truck. So whether you want to move a single piece of furniture or if you want to move the contents of your bachelor condo to your own rented truck: we got you covered without any extra charges.

In fact, we have no extra charges at all. If the charge is not listed on your written quote then you don’t pay it. This is one of our guarantees you get when you move with Great Toronto Movers: there are no hidden fees. Ever.

Transparent, and honest pricing. Two movers packing, and protecting a furniture piece during a labour only move by Great Toronto Movers.

Labour Only Movers
Best-In-Class Insurance & Enhanced Coverage

In addition to the standard Released Value Protection coverage included even with our labour only moving services, we are pleased to offer Best-In-Class Premium Liability, and Cargo Insurance to our clients. This gives you an extra level of comfort knowing that in the unlikely event that one of your items does not arrive in the new place in their original condition: you know you’re covered.

Additionally, we’re proud to provide Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage for all our employees.

A happy couple enjoying the best-in-class insurance coverage they received with their labour only moving services by Great Toronto Movers.

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