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Moving Tips

Create a check list of services or utilities you need to cancel, and set-up again at your new address. The sooner you take care of this, the more you can prevent last minute stress.

It’s not often until you begin the moving process when you realise just how much stuff you have. This is particularly true if you’ve lived in the same place for a long time.

Do a room by room audit of your contents, and ask yourself if everything must come to the new place. If not, arrange items to be recycled, donated, or put in storage. Less excess items means a more efficient move.

This is so you give yourself peace of mind knowing that you have confirmed reservation with your desired movers, and it allows you to spread your move over a few days if necessary.

For instance, for family homes we often find best that we send over a packing crew, with all the needed boxes, and packing material a few days before the scheduled move to pack any content still not packed. Doing this will ensure that your move date is focused on moving items efficiently, and not on spending valuable time still packing.

If you’re packing all of your boxes yourself: ensure that they are correctly labeled or colour coded. This will help your movers know how to pack the boxes more effectively. 

Labels include: fragile, glass, electronic, photo frames, and monitor.

To ensure your movers can unload your items more efficiently, and in the correct place without needing to constantly ask: write the location of the items destination on a sticker, and attach it to said item. For example, you might label a dresser as “kids bedroom, 2nd floor.”

For example, your entertainment set-up might include connections to a TV, a sound system, a Blu-Ray player, a cable box, Apple TV, and/or a video game console. To ensure that you can easily recall which plug goes back to which outlet, it’s best to take a picture for your reference.

These can break easily during transit even when the lamp is protected securely. It’s best to pack the bulbs, and shades separately, or ask your professional mover to take care of it for you.

In some instances it’s not safe to move dressers packed with clothes as it may damage the items integrity as it travels. If this is the case, then use boxes. Use wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, and fragile or expensive clothing. Don’t use wardrobe boxes for underwear clothing or casual clothes, as it’s best to use normal boxes or very large plastic bags.

Similar to your casual clothes: it’s best to use large plastic bags to pack your towels, linens, and bedding items.

Packing the kitchen is some of the most delicate processes of moving out. 

Do not pack your dishes or glassware if they are not individually wrapped. Only pack your dishes or glassware with other dishes or glassware. Never mix small appliances with dishes or glassware in the same box. And do not pack the box to the absolute top, as you need to be cautious of the box’s weight limit, as well you need to leave divider space at the top.

We recommend having professional movers pack your kitchen for you. For instance, when we pack your items, they also come with enhanced $50,000 cargo coverage. This means that if we pack the box ourselves, all the contents are protected. Whereas no moving company in Canada can be held liable for damages to contents inside a box if they were not packed by the mover themselves. 

This includes secondary storage fridges. It’s best to clean, and allow for defrost a couple of days before your scheduled move.

In the old, and new house. For instance, if the home is large instead of “2nd kids bedroom upstairs” you might just elect to use “Jill’s room.” This way when someone is removed from Jills room it will be correctly placed back in Jills room in the name house.

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