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We charge an all-inclusive hourly rate which includes  your team of professional movers, all the necessary tools, all the necessary protective materials, any furniture disassembly/reassembly, as well as Cargo & Liability Insurance.

Completion times are rounded to the nearest half an hour, and all bookings have a 3-hour minimum.


An accurate content list leads to an accurate completion time. However, very often providing an exact completion time is not possible. This is because any number of small logistical details could impact the duration of the move. The distance to, and ease of access from, the loading/unloading area to your location, for instance.

That said, we’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we always have a good idea of how long a move will take. On average, a 1-bedroom condo takes from 2-4 hours to move, while a 2-bedroom condo takes between 4-6 hours.




In addition to the standard Released Value Protection coverage included with all moves, we are pleased to offer Best-In-Class Premium Liability, and Cargo Insurance. 


We are pleased to provide Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage for our employees.


No. There are never any hidden fees. You only pay the rate listed on your written quote.

The moving clock stars when we arrive at your pick-up location. At which point you’ll confirm the start-time by signing the Move Order.

The clock stops when you sign the Move Order again at the drop-off location confirming the stop-time, and completion of your move.

Yes. We offer full-service packing. Be it a single room, just the kitchen, or the entire home: we got you covered.

A seamless, and efficient move depends largely on how effectively your items are packed. The correct pack job can drastically reduce the total time of completion.

This works best when we arrive the day before, or a couple days before your scheduled move to pack and prepare everything for transport. We provide all the supplies, and protective materials needed for efficient, and comprehensive protection for all your items.

What’s more, in addition to the Released Value Protection coverage included in all hourly rates: any, and all items which are packed into boxes by us are covered by enhanced $50,000 cargo insurance.

There is no travel time charge from our office to your pick-up location within the city of Toronto.

Travel time charge may apply if your pick-up and/or drop-off location is outside Toronto. If so, the charge will be included in your written quote, and Confirmation of Booking email.



You only pay for the actual amount of time it takes to complete your move, not the estimated time.

Either yourself, a family member or a likewise authorised friend must be present to sign the Move Order at the start, and at the end of the move, as well as process payment upon completion.

Yes we have floor runners to protect your floors.

We will not move animals, hazardous items, flammable items, guns, explosives, or any article of extraordinary value. These include but are not limited to sums of money, securities, precious metals, precious stones, coins, stamps, or jewellery with a value greater than CDN $5,000.

Cancellation or rescheduling within 14 calendar days of your confirmed move time will result in your deposit being non-refundable.


Senior citizens, OW & ODSP recipients, and non-profits are eligible for a %10 discount.

We accept credit, debit, e-transfer, and cash. 

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