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Looking for “the best single item movers Toronto?” You’ve found us! Experience stress-free, and professional single item moving service with Great Toronto Movers. Backed by Best-In-Class insurance, and result guarantee!

Single Item Movers Toronto
Expertise & Problem-Solving

Serving Downtown Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area as a local Toronto moving company for over a decade: we’ve completed countless single item moving jobs. From pianos, fridges, stoves, washing machines, sofas, minibars, cabinets, aquariums, to treadmills, and gym equipment: we have the right equipment, expert knowledge, and strategies in place to effectively protect, and efficiently deliver your single item to any location of your choice.

Maybe you just scored a sweet deal on a furniture item through Facebook Market Place or Kijiji. Give us a call, and we’ll deliver, setup, and if need be, assemble your furniture for you. We have systematic solutions to meet your single-item delivery needs.

Great Toronto Movers expert single item movers Toronto. Two movers moving a fridge.

Single Item Movers Toronto
The Right Tools

As a full-service Toronto moving company whether you hire us to move your entire home or a single item moving service: will pack, disassemble, unpack, and reassemble your item, or furniture as needed. Oh, and don’t worry if you live a boutique building, and only have access to stairs—we’ll still ensure the item arrives at its desired location safely, and securely.

The expertise to disassemble, and reassemble your item is standard when you hire Great Toronto Movers for single item moving. Whether from one floor of your home to another, or from one city to another, our expertise combined with the right tools means that we got you covered every step of the way. This is what you should expect from the best single item movers in the Greater Toronto Area!

Great Toronto Movers professional tools for single item movers Toronto. Two movers wrapping a chair.

Best Single Item Movers
Professionalism & Peace of Mind

When you hire Great Toronto Movers’ single item moving service you’re not paying for a service: you’re paying for a professional result. That result is a hassle-free, and stress-free delivery of your item. Guaranteed.

While moving anything in, and around Toronto can be stressful, we take all possible steps to minimise that stress. We do this by relying on our professionalism, attention to detail, and distinct customer care. Over a decade of providing single item moving service to Downtown Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area gives us the confidence to be this confident about having the best single item movers in the city.

Great Toronto Movers professionalism, and peace of mind with the best single item movers. Two movers wrapping items.

Single Item Movers Toronto
Honesty & Transparency

Our single item moving service will often be eligible for a fixed flat rate, instead of our all-inclusive hourly rate. This means that the quote your receive is not an estimate, but the exact amount you’ll be charged for the completion of your single item moving. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens during the move: they will not be charged any extra fees.

In fact, we have no extra charges at all. If the charge is not listed on your written quote then you don’t pay it. This is one of our guarantees you get when you hire the best single item movers in the city: there are no hidden fees. Ever.

Great Toronto Movers transparent, and honest pricing for single item moving. Mover speaking with a happy customer.

Single Item Movers Toronto
Best-In-Class Insurance & Enhanced Coverage

In addition to the standard Released Value Protection coverage included with all our single item mover service: we are pleased to offer Best-In-Class Premium Liability, and Cargo Insurance to our clients. This gives you an extra level of comfort knowing that should your single-item not arrive in their original condition, then you know you’re covered.

Additionally, Great Toronto Movers is proud to provide Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage for all our employees. This coverage is routinely a perquisite for luxury, and commercial condominiums who want liability protection should accidental damage occur on or to their property. This is particularly important if your single-item is being moved from, or to an office.

Great Toronto Movers best-in-class insurance for single item moving service. A happy couple after they've moved.

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