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Great Toronto Movers. Providing the best office moving services to Toronto.

Toronto Office Movers

Looking for the best Toronto office movers? You’ve found us! Experience stress-free Toronto commercial moving services with Great Toronto Movers. Backed by our Best-In-Class Insurance, and Result Guarantee!

Toronto Office Movers

Leave It To The Professionals

We’re aware that the most important part of moving an office or commercial operation is to minimise down time. Our Toronto commercial moving services do exactly this while serving the relocation needs of small, and enterprise level businesses in the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. From information technology companies, restaurants, healthcare providers, architects, lawyers, to game development studios: there isn’t a commercial or industrial machine that we can’t safely, and efficiently relocate. In every case we have strategies in place to efficiently navigate, and work within the rules and regulations of each unique industry in an effective, and professional way.

This expertise means that we have the tools, and the solutions at hand for all possible eventualities. You need to move your office in stages? Not a problem. Let us know your timeline, and we’ll provide you with a solid, efficient strategy to complete your office relocation. Need us to completely disassembly, and then reconfigure, and reassemble your workstations in your new office to match the old layout? Not a problem. Need special protection for complex IT equipment? We got you covered. As one of the best Toronto office movers we have systematic solutions to meet any, and all of your office relocation needs.

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Toronto Commercial Moving Services

Best Toronto Office Movers

Providing Toronto commercial moving services includes full-service packing which comes standard with our office, and event moves. In other words: Great Toronto Movers will pack, disassemble, unpack, and reassemble your furniture, and office equipment to match your desired layout in the new location. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re moving into a boutique office building, and only have access to stairs—we’ll still complete your office move in a professional, and efficient manner with the all the correct tools, and protective material ensuring all of your items make it to your new office safely, and on schedule.

Our expertise combined with the right commercial tools, gear, and equipment means that even if you’ve misplaced a screw to one of your cubical setups, for example: we got you covered.

Great Toronto Movers. Toronto office movers: the right tools for Toronto commercial moving services. Toronto movers. Business meeting before moving offices.

Great Toronto Movers

Commercial Moving Services

As one of the best Toronto office movers, when you hire Great Toronto Movers to move your office or commercial project, you’re not paying for a service: you’re paying for a professional result. That result is a hassle-free, and stress-free move to your new office. Guaranteed.

While moving offices in, and around the Greater Toronto Area can be stressful, our commercial moving services take all the measures to minimise that stress. We do this by relying on our professionalism, and attention to compliance and regulatory details. Some businesses, especially in regulated industries, must adhere to specific compliance and legal requirements during a move, which may require special handling or documentation. And after a decade of successfully moving offices in Downtown Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area, we have an archive of compliance, and regulatory knowledge to inform us.

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Toronto Office Movers

Move With Peace Of Mind

Did we mention that we have no extra charge for heavy office equipment? Be it a commercial printer, or a network tower: as one of the best Toronto office movers in the Greater Toronto Area we have got your covered with transparent fix rate prices.

In fact, our Toronto commercial moving services have no extra charges at all. If the charge is not listed on your written quote then you don’t pay it. This is one of our guarantees you get when you move with Great Toronto Movers: there are no hidden fees. Ever.

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Best Toronto Office Movers

With Best-In-Class Insurance

In addition to the standard Released Value Protection coverage included with all our Toronto commercial moving services: Great Toronto Mover is pleased to offer Best-In-Class Premium Liability, and Cargo Insurance to our clients. This solidifies our position as one of the best Toronto office movers, and gives you an extra level of comfort knowing that should any one of your items not arrive to your new office in their original condition, then you know you’re covered.

Additionally, Great Toronto Movers is proud to provide Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage for all our employees. This coverage is a mandatory perquisite for office, and commercial buildings who want liability protection should accidental damage occur on or to their property by movers.

Great Toronto Movers. Best Toronto office movers. Toronto movers. Toronto commercial moving services with best-in-class insurance. Happy customer at his new office.

Great Toronto Movers

The Perks That Come With Greatness

Fixed All-Inclusive Rates​

Enjoy Fixed All-Inclusive hourly rates or request a free in-person audit of your move, and receive an exact flat fee.

Best-In-Class Insurance​

We wouldn't be one of the best Toronto movers without the coverage to match our service.

No Hidden Fees​

You will never be charged any other fees than exactly what is written on your booking confirmation email.

WSIB Coverage​

We are proud to provide our friendly Toronto movers with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage.

Full-Service Packing

Local or long distance: our team can facilitate the entire packing, moving, and unpacking for you.

Senior Discount

Seniors receive an automatic 10% discount off their total bill.

Free Quote

Get a free quote by filling out our online form.

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